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As a mom, I have found great ideas, tips, resources and advice in these links, so you may want to check them out for yourself! Most of these sites have been referred to within articles on my site; I am listing them here for your convenience. My aim is to link only to high-quality sites - please let me know should any of the sites or products not meet your expectations!

Smart First Graders
A wonderful site aimed at parents, teachers, homeschooling moms and after-school programs. This site covers tips to help Grade 1 kids read and do math, as well as advice on what to expect from your 6 year old and avoiding tantrums!

Left-handed Children
This easy-to-navigate site offers support and information for parents and teachers of left-handed children, as well an array of left-handed products.

Speech Therapy Games
Written by an experienced speech therapist, this site offers practical advice, language development tips and fun speech therapy games for kids.

Teacher Support Force
Written by an experienced teacher, this website gives fascinating advice and activities to improve reading skills in children through gross motor activities. A terrific resource for homeschooling moms and teachers alike!

Shirley’s Preschool Activities
Find some lovely preschool activities and useful information about stimulating all areas of your preschool child’s development.

Design Your Homeschool
Marianne's site helps homeschooling families to decide on goals, chart out their unique plan, choose or create their own curriculum and design their unique homeschool. As you know, every family is different and every child is unique - let's enjoy their differences and plan accordingly.

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If you offer a website or product that you feel will compliment this website, please contact me!. I will happily review your website or your product and will add it to our site if it meets our needs.

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